Ceramic infrared heaters SBC

Ceramic gas radiant heaters work using flameless combustion of the air-gas mixture on the surface of a ceramic plate. As a result the plate reaches the temperature of 850 – 900 C. Energy emission is more intensive and the radiator becomes a source of heat. Then, the radiation is absorbed by people below the heater. A plaque heater contains an electrovalve with a double closure, which protects it from an uncontrolled gas leakage. The combustion quality meets the requirements of environmental protection, safety and work protection regulations.

Ceramic gas radiant heater

The highest quality, high-temperature ceramic plate, large ceramic radiant surface; heater construction is built of aluzinc and anti-corrosive materials; high-effectiveness, screen radiating downwards, electronic control system.

High intensity heater

is an automatic device. It does not require the fumes exhaust through the chimney It is a light device, which guarantees lower costs of assembly in comparison to other heating devices. Variety of applications – buildings can be heated partly: in zones where people stay without the necessity of building division walls. Reliability of devices – radiators were tested in order to ensure high quality and a proper operation.

System advantages:

  • Technological application
  • Energy economy 30-60%
  • High security level
  • Lack of air movement, lack of dust in the heated room
  • Heat is concentrated on the floor level, in the zone where people stay
  • Immediate thermal effect after starting the device
  • Automatic regulation
  • Heating and controlling in zone
  • Low investment expenditure
  • Simple service
  • Simple and quick assembly


Dual-Stage ceramic radiant heaters – advanced environmental control

Radiant heating system has the highest gas consumption during a full load, which is required for only a few days a year. Two-stage control allows you to adjust the power of radiant heaters to the current demand for heating.

In addition, an improved thermal control is a benefit. When using one-stage radiant heaters, fluctuations in the temperature of the heated area are likely to occur. The two-stage Sun Beam radiant heaters adapt the current intensity of work to the required temperature. This is to avoid sudden jumps in temperature.



Automatic control unit STMP 


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