Gas radiant heaters – 16 years in business

In the offer of SUN BEAM you can find gas radiant heaters – modern heating devices that provide thermal comfort in buildings with lower energy outlays than in the traditional heating. We produce most often used on premises gas radiant heaters, both ceramic and tube types.
Radiant heaters do not heat air – generated radiation fills the area under the heaters, heating directly people and objects such as floors, walls and other surfaces. It avoids life-threatening humidity fluctuations in rooms and it eliminates the risk of sudden temperature changes, which are associated with draughts. The heating of halls with gas and water heaters relies on transmitting thermal energy to a specific, chosen object, which allows the diversification of temperature inside particular buildings or emitting in it heated and not heated spheres. Thanks to their diversity, heaters are often used in production halls and markets, storehouses or hangars. Furthermore, gas radiant heaters can well be used in sacral and sport objects.