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Sun Beam manufactures gas fired ceramic and tube radiant heaters. Heating buildings in industry and commercial. Asphalt repair, industrial process.

Ceramic radiator
Ceramic gas fired infrared heaters SBC
infrared gas heaters
Gas fired infrared tube heaters SBT
Promiennik gazowy wykorzystywany do spawania grubych blach
Gas fired infrared burners for process
Portable Infrared Asphalt Heater
Portable Infrared Asphalt Heaters
Gas heater
Gas heaters GH
About infrared heating

SUN BEAM manufactures

Gas fired radiant heaters- modern heating systems providing thermal comfort in buildings with lower energy outlays than the traditional heating. We produce most often used in premises gas radiant heaters, both ceramic and tube types.
Radiant heaters do not heat air – generated radiation fulfills area under the heaters, heating directly people and objects such as floors, walls and other surfaces.  Thanks to this various types of heaters are often used as a form of heating in production halls and markets, storehouses or hangars, churches and sport halls.

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