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We offer ceramic radiant heaters and infra-red radiant tubes

Infrared gas tube heaters SBT

Infrared gas tube heater

Radiant tubes are modern devices

 designed for the heating of industrial and manufacturing halls, commercial and service buildings, warehouses, and sport halls. The radiant tubes work by burning the air-gas mixture inside the radiating tube, which as a result heats up to 400°C. The heat streaming directly from the source heats objects located in the zone of radiation.

With the current radiant tube reflector

the heat is directed onto the floor of the hall, so the heating effect is felt in the lower areas of the buildings, which are most developed and utilized. The heaters warm people and objects without heating the air. This allows for the reduction of air temperature and maintains optimum comfort. Each degree of difference between the
temperature which is felt and air temperature gives 7% savings compared to convection heating.

Ceramic radiator

The radiant tube kit includes:

  • radiating tube – aluminized annealed steel type „U” or „I”
  • gas solenoid valve equipped with double security
  • electronic control unit controls the work of the solenoid and the ignition burner
  • fan
  • differential pressure control of the motor
    reflector to direct radiation downwards

Radiant Tubes are manufactured

 in two basic versions: the U- shaped and the I-shaped, which enables more efficient use in various configurations of buildings. The exhaust gases are discharged through a special exhaust pipe to the outside.

Advantages of the radiant tube:

  • quick start-up and fast thermal effect
  • fuel saving up to 40%
  • lack of air movement and the means to limit the flow of dust inside the hall
  • the possibility of heating specific zones
  • exhaust fumes are discharged to the outside
  • areas do not require additional ventilation
  • thermal comfort