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We manufacture asphalt infrared gas heaters for road repair

Portable Infrared Asphalt Heaters

AGRH-16 asphalt gas radiant heater

is destined for carrying out small-scale road repairs. The device can work in low temperature, so the application is found in current road repairs both in winter and summer time. Device may be connected into units in order to work simultaneously on a larger area.

AGRH-16 asphalt heater is equipped with gas regulator and automatic temperature regulation to heat asphalt. Piezoelectric ignitor serves for ignition. The device does not require extra source of power supply.

AGRH-16 infrared asphalt heater

  • Don’t need to waste perfectly good asphalt when you can “Recycle and Repair”
  • Seamless welded edges. No saw cut joints that allow water seepage to quickly deteriorate repairs. No freeze thaw issues that occur from traditional methods.
  • Much less new asphalt required. No unnecessary equipment, less manpower per repair. A green process that makes sense and profits.
Portable Infrared Asphalt Heater

Portable Infrared Asphalt Heaters

Making use of infrared radiation, heater heats the surface to 180°C and thanks to this there is no more need to use extra devices such as saw for cutting asphalt, jackhammers, etc.

Advantages of using asphalt heater:

  • quick repair
  • possibility to repair the damaged place only
  • no need to use extra device
  • „patch”  is pressed into the surface and it forms monolith
  • no need to close road traffic for a long time

Vinyl asbestos tile removing heater

Infrared gas fired heater for surface heating

Thanks to our machine it is very easy to remove old VAT tiles (Vinyl Asbestos Tile). In many places there are still vinyl tiles on the floor. To remove them just heat a floor and remove tiles from a concrete slab. Heating plate of porous ceramic tiles heats up to 900 C.  In order not to overheat the floor, the temperature of the heated surface is controlled by a sensor. The gas valve dispenses gas to keep the temperature between 100-300 C. Temperture is set by turning the knob on the gas valve. Our heater is fully controllable. The temperature of 200-300 C is reached within 2-3 minutes on the surface of the tile. After this short period tile is ready to remove. Thanks to this, renovation works on old floors can be carried out very quickly.

removing floor tile on a om conctrete
temperature control

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