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We manufacture gas fired radiant heaters ceramic and tubes. Suspended gas unit heaters.

Gas unit heaters GH

suspended warm air heater
suspended gas air heater

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Gas unit heater, with closed combustion chamber. Range 18,25 and 45 kW. In complete with thermostat. The GH gas air heater is a modern, ecological and energy-saving heating device.
It can be powered by: natural gas, propane, propane-butane (LPG).
It has a built-in, programmable automatic thermostat. It has a high thermal efficiency of 83%. It is ideal for heating: industrial halls, production halls, sports halls, gyms, recreation and storage.
Built-in high-performance fan ensures efficient distribution of warm air throughout the area. The low noise level further improves the comfort of work.
Gas valve and valve control and safety system of the renowned Italian company SIT. The exchanger is made of aluminized steel pipes, preventing burnout of the replacement pipes, which significantly extends the service life.
The heater has a CE certificate issued by Certigaz. Meets the requirements of Eco design 2018. The housing was made in Iran. Installation of valves made by the Polish manufacturer Sarmatia.
The air blower is available in two colors: white and red.

Features and advantages of GH unit heaters

  • They operate independently of each other therefore system is very flexible,
  • Suspended gas heaters save space in the buildings, because they are wall-mounted,
  • They are easy to install and their operation is hassle-free,
  • During summertime they can be used for efficient ventilation of the building,
  • They have low thermal inertia,
  • They are a precaution during the heating failure, protecting central heating system against freezing,
  • Their price, installation, and exploitation are low-cost, in comparison to traditional systems,
  • They are characterized by high efficiency and reliability, also in intensive use,
  • They are controlled by an electronic thermostat
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suspended warm air heaters