Gas radiant heaters – 16 years in business


Manufactures gas fired infra red heaters for heating and process

Sun Beam is a private company founded in the early 2000s. The first product designed and manufactured  was a ceramic gas fired radiant heater SBC. We currently have a machine park that allows us to manufacture most of the metal elements in our company. We designed new products and expanded production with SBT gas fired tube radiant heaters, asphalt heating infra red gas radiant heaters, gas fired warm air heaters with a closed combustion chamber. manufacture custom made plaque heaters for industrial applications such as: drying, heating, asphalt processing, etc. We developed last years new products as infrared gas heater AGRH for asphalt repair. We sell our products in Europe, Russia and the USA.

Product development. Our products meet the Eco Design 2018 standard. It is a European directive that increased energy requirements for heating devices. Our development is stimulated, thanks to the constant improvement of the quality and thermal performance standards of our products, we increase the thermal efficiency of our products and the gas consumption of our radiators and gas heaters decreases.

Consulting and selection of heating devices. We will advise you on the optimal system for your needs. We will help designers and installers in the selection of our gas fired radiant heaters and gas unit heaters.

Gas products service. Sun Beam provides warranty and post-warranty service for sold radiators and gas heaters.

All products are produced according to highest quality standards and CE certified by recognized international laboratories 

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