Gas radiant heaters – 16 years in business


Sun Beam manufactures gas fired ceramic and tube radiant heaters.

Ceramic infrared heaters SBC

Ceramic infrared heaters
gas fired plaque radiant heater SBC

Ceramic infrared gas heaters

The SBC (Sun Beam Ceramic) ceramic gas heater is used in high ceiling buildings. It is perfect for local (spot) heating. Our models start from 5.7 and end at 42.8 kW. It is a heater with an open combustion chamber, in which the gas-air mixture is burnt on the surface of the ceramic tile. The air needed for combustion is taken from the room, therefore the hall where ceramic radiant heaters are installed should be well ventilated (10 m3 / h for 10 kW of installed power).

Ceramic gas heaters are used in such facilities as:

Industrial halls, workshops, factories,
Churches, aircraft hangers, Sports halls, pitches, exhibition halls.

Perfect solution for high halls heating

It is a heating device with an open combustion chamber, in which a gas-air mixture is burnt on the surface of ceramic tiles. The air needed for combustion is taken from the room, the exhaust gases are discharged into the room, therefore the rooms must be ventilated. The radiant heather’s body is made of durable, corrosion-resistant materials, which ensures many years of trouble-free operation even in conditions of high humidity.

Ceramic gas radiant heater
heating industrial building by gas infrared heaters

Ceramic gas radiant heaters

Radiant heating consists in the transmission of heat from a warmer gas radiant heater to bodies with a lower temperature. The high energy efficiency of the process and low gas consumption is possible due to the almost lossless conversion of the initial energy into the energy of the electromagnetic wave, which without encountering air resistance heats the specific surface and people staying on it. 

Infrared radiation after contact with the skin is immediately converted into heat, which feeling similar to the heat of the sun’s rays conditioning high and pleasant thermal comfort.

System advantages:

  • Technological application
  • Energy economy 30-60%
  • High security level
  • Lack of air movement, lack of dust in the heated room
  • Heat is concentrated on the floor level, in the zone where people stay
  • Short time of starting and immediate thermal effect
  • Automatic regulation
  • Heating and controlling in zone
  • Law investment expenditure
  • Simple service
  • Simple and quick assembly

Dual-Stage ceramic radiant heaters – advanced environmental control

The radiant heating system requires high gas consumption only on the few coldest days of the year. Two-stage regulation gives the possibility to adjust the power of radiators to the required heating requirements.

In addition, the thermal comfort of the facility is improved. During 1-stage control of the current temperature, it changes in the set point values, often causing sudden temperature jumps in the room. In 2-stage regulation, Sun Beam heaters adjust the intensity of work to the current required temperature. This avoids sudden temperature fluctuations.

ModelSBC 4SBC 6SBC 8SBC 10SBC 12SBC 16SBC 10+10SBC 12+12SBC 30
Moc [kW]5,7 8,611,414,317,122,828,534,242,8
Gas consumption GZ [m3/h]0,62 0,931,25 1,56 1,87 2,493,11 3,744,67
Gas consumption LPG [kg/h]2,00,550,720,931,081,412,102,163,21
Zasilanie elektryczne
Ceramic infrared heaters dimensions
ModelSBC 4SBC 6SBC 8SBC 10SBC 12SBC 16SBC 10+10SBC 12+12SBC 30
A [cm]4059,5 78 97 115 152 97 115 97
B [cm]20 26 26 26 26 26 26 26 26
C [cm]29 38,5 38,5 38,5 38,5 38,5 56,5 56,5 38,5
D [cm]20 26 26 26 26 26 26 2626
Weight [kg]4,6811 13 15 17 2129 32 43