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Gas fired radiant plaque heaters for technology and process

ceramic tile for high efficient gas fired heater
high resistant ceramic tile for gas fired radiant heater

Excellent efficiency of gas burners made of ceramic plates

Burners made of ceramic gas fired radiant heaters find a number of technological applications in many industries.

Gas (natural, propane or biogas) mixed with air is burned on the surface of the ceramic tile. The temperature on ceramics reaches 900 degrees C. Due to this high temperature on the ceramic tile surface there is a phenomenon of energy emission by radiation similar to solar radiation. 

Ceramic tiles are applicable to gas fired radiant heaters, kebabs. You can buy them in our online shop. Infrared ceramic plates are made of cordierit. Cordierite provides a low heat expansion coefficient and has a high tolerance to thermal shock, as well as good mechanical resistance and an optimum calorific value level.

Industrial application:

  • drying various materials, metal particles, leather, wood, fabric, paper, etc.
  • painting chambers, furnaces, strips equipped with drying coats heaters
  • healing the steel panels in welding processes
Heaters for the technology

Ceramic in gas fired radiant heaters radiates and does not heat air around the heater.

Ceramics tiles heated to a very high temperature transfer heat through infrared radiation, similar to solar radiation. The heat transfer from the burnt gas takes place without heating the air. Thanks to the perfect burners produced by Sun Beam, the combustion of gas on the surface of our ceramic burners is distinguished by exceptional thermal efficiency. The combustion is very clean, it has very low emissions of carbon oxides and nitrogen oxides.


  • Low cost of burner, fast ROI,
  • Energy saving, high efficency,
  • Clean combustion, extremely small amount of NOX and CO,
  • Quiet work,
  • Solid construction and high durability,
gas fired radiant heater in
red-hot ceramic tile

Examples of the use of gas-fired infrared burners in various applications

Heating various surfaces to dry them. They can be used for drying aluminum castings with SBC ceramic gas burners. In order for the aluminum casting process to pass correctly, the forms of aluminum castings are heated

gas fired radiant heater SBC for drying various surfaces
gas radiant plaque heater for drying
plaque gas radiant heater for cast iron drying
plaque gas radiant burner for cast iron drying

Gas fired radiant heaters applications

  • drying of surfaces painted in powder paint shops
  • roasting coffee beans in roasters
  • roasting peanuts
  • sand drying
  • drying concrete walls to speed up the concrete maturing process at low temperature
  • drying various materials, metal particles, plastic, leather, wood, textiles, paper etc.

Ceramic tile gas burners are customized to meet specific customer needs.

Welding thick metal sheets. In the photo below, an example of a gas gas fired radiant heater used to heat thick sheets. Heated sheets are welded much faster by the welding machine. The welding process is more efficient, without preheating, welding very thick sheets would not be possible.

Gas fired radiant heater used to heat welding sheets
welding thick metal sheets
plaque gas radiant heater for paper drying
gas fired radiant heater drying paper
gas fired radiant heater for food processing
gas fired radiant heater for peanuts roasting
ceramic tiles used for kebab machine
kordierit tiles used for gsa fired radiant heater