Portable Gas Infrared Asphalt Heater AGRH-22

AGRH-22 asphalt heater is designed for asphalt repair. Carrying out small-scale road repairs. Crack repairs, pathole repair, drainage repair. The device can work in low temperature, so the application is found in current road repairs both in winter and summer time. Device may be connected into units in order to work simultaneously on a larger area.

  • Don’t need to waste perfectly good asphalt when you can “Recycle and Repair”

  • Seamless welded edges. No saw cut joints that allow water seepage to quickly deteriorate repairs. No freeze thaw issues that occur from traditional methods.

  • Much less new asphalt required. No unnecessary equipment, less manpower per repair. A green process that makes sense and profits.

Making use of infrared radiation, heater heats the surface to 180°C and thanks to this there is no more need to use extra devices such as saw for cutting asphalt, jackhammers, etc.


AGRH-22 asphalt repair heater is equipped with gas regulator and automatic temperature regulation to heat asphalt. Piezoelectric ignitor serves for ignition. The device does not require extra source of power supply.


Advantages of using asphalt heater:

  • quick repair

  • possibility to repair the damaged place only

  • no need to use extra device

  • „patch”  is pressed into the surface and it forms monolith

  • no need to close road traffic for a long time

gas asphalt repair heater